Funding Opportunities

The TWAS-Sida PhD Scholarship Programme for Climate Research for students from LDCs has just been established in response to the need of increasing the base of expertise in climate research in Least Developed Countries, through a modern and complete PhD training programme. Under this scheme, TWAS has built a Portfolio of Host Supervisors including high-level climate experts. PhD scholarships can be awarded to promising candidates from LDCs who have obtained their MSc by December 2022, in an area relevant to the topic of climate change.

Application deadline: 5 October 2022, (11:59 Central European Summer Time).

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The Embassy of Switzerland in Australia, with the support of the Swiss Polar Institute, is launching the Mertz Fellowship programme to promote linkages between Swiss and Australian higher education and research institutions through scientific networking and joint projects. The programme targets early-career researchers from the polar and high altitude science communities in Switzerland and Australia.

Deadline for submission: 30 October 2022, 11:00pm (CET).

The Cluster of Collaboration (CLOC) Conéctate A+ has launched a small grants call for collaborative research and a call for conference grants to encourage the research community to address pressing knowledge needs in science, policy, practice, and society. The calls focus on the areas of climate change, ecosystems, and health in the Tropical Andes and Central America region within the framework of sustainable development. We encourage the formation of interdisciplinary research teams across institutions and continents.

Extended submission deadline: 31 October 2022.

The Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Teams (SPIRIT) promotes team-oriented cross-border research. Funding is awarded to research projects with clearly defined goals that are submitted by excellent research consortia from two to four countries. Researchers from all disciplines can apply for a SPIRIT grant; the topics are chosen by the researchers themselves. 

Submission deadline:

SNSF's Agora scheme aims to promote the spread of knowledge, as well as the exchange of views and perspectives about scientific research. It therefore encourages projects involving two-way processes - with interaction and listening - which generate dialogues between researchers and the public.

Submission deadline: 10 October 2022

Grants of between CHF 5,000 and CHF 200,000

Biodiversa+, the European Biodiversity Partnership under Horizon Europe, has launched a new transnational joint research call on 'Improved transnational monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem change for science and society.'

Submit a proposal by 9 November 2022.

Current patterns of global development based on people’s continuous extraction and exploitation of natural resources are not sustainable, and a societal transition to systems of sustainable consumption and production (SSCP) is urgently needed. In an attempt to promote co-development research through science and stakeholder-based approaches to attain SSCP, Belmont Forum has launched a call for research proposals (Collaborative Research Actions). 

Full proposals received by 10 October 2022.

IACS offer funding to support attendance at IACS General and Scientific Assemblies, and also co-sponsor cryosphere-related workshops, educational, or other events. 

There are three deadlines per year on 1 February, 1 June and 1 October.

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