With its project funding scheme, the Swiss National Science Foundation enables researchers to independently conduct research projects with topics and goals of their own choice.

Deadline to apply is 1 October. 

Applicants can apply for funding of research costs and staff salaries, as well as of scientific cooperation, networking and communication; however, they may not apply for their own salaries.

The funding period ranges from one to four years, with grants starting at CHF 50,000 (minimum amount). The SNSF recommends that researchers focus on one project and plan it for a four-year period.


Below are only a few of the many eligibility requirements - please refer to the official project funding page to see a complete list of requirements.

  • Natural persons carrying out scientific research in Switzerland or with close links to Switzerland are eligible to submit an application.
  • Applicants must have obtained a doctorate four years before the submission date of the application or they must have completed three years of research work as their main source of income since obtaining their higher education degree. Such research work will be regarded as equivalent to a doctorate 
  • Natural persons are eligible to submit applications if they meet the general eligibility requirements for the submission of applications of the Funding Regulations of the SNSF.

  • Applicants must be able to show that they are employed at least 50% for the duration of the project at a research institution eligible for research funding from the SNSF. Special rules apply to positions for clinically active researchers as well as staff at museums and archives and self-employed persons.

Application Guidelines

Below are only a few of the many application guidelines - please refer to the official project funding pageto see a complete list of guidelines plus instructions on how to submit.

  • Applications for project funding grants are generally submitted by individuals (applicants). Two or more applicants are eligible per application if needed to achieve the targets set for the proposed research.
  • Collaborative proposals with at least two applicants in the same research field, or with a main discipline supported by auxiliary disciplines, can be submitted as a project funding application. Collaborative projects typically involve groups that are complementary and cre-ate added value based on a common research approach. The applicants may therefore re-quest financial resources that are proportional to the number of applicants contributing to the project.
  • Collaborative projects across disciplinary boundaries are funded under the Sinergia funding scheme. These interdisciplinary proposals are assessed by the Sinergia evaluation commis-sion, which is made up of experts in interdisciplinary research.
  • Applicants may only submit one application per submission date.

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