The Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Teams promotes team-oriented cross-border research.

Pre-proposals are welcome year-round.

The SNSF offers a wide range of international funding schemes and works closely with foreign funding organisations to promote cross-border collaboration. The SPIRIT programme facilitates knowledge exchange between Swiss researchers and researchers in selected countries that are receiving development assistance. With SPIRIT, the SNSF is giving Swiss researchers more opportunities to collaborate with partners in many countries around the world.

Funding is awarded to research projects with clearly defined goals that are submitted by excellent research consortia from two to four countries. Researchers from all disciplines can apply for a SPIRIT grant; the topics are chosen by the researchers themselves. The grants contribute to the education of researchers in all participating countries. Special focus will be given to equal opportunities and the promotion of women scientists, as well as to raising awareness of gender-specific questions.

Applicants can request between 50,000 and 500,000 francs in project funds for two to four years. At least 30% of each approved grant must be allocated to Switzerland and at least 30% to the relevant partner country/countries.

The evaluation process comprises two phases: pre-proposals can be submitted all year round, full proposals only by invitation after approval of the pre-proposal. We recommend considering the principles of the Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE) when designing the proposal. Twelve projects can be funded per year.

Grant Conditions

SPIRIT grants

  • Duration: 2-4 years
  • Maximum grant amount: CHF 500,000; minimum grant amount: CHF 50,000
  • At least 30% of each grant must be allocated to Switzerland and at least 30% to the relevant partner country/countries.
  • The salaries of applicants in Switzerland or abroad cannot be charged to the grant.



  • A SPIRIT pre-proposal or full proposal can be jointly submitted by a minimum of two and a maximum of four applicants. At least one applicant must engage in research work in Switzerland, and at least one must do so in an eligible partner country.

  • One of the Swiss-based applicants (the responsible applicant) represents the research team.

  • The funding periods of SPIRIT grants must not overlap with those of other SPIRIT grants, or of Ambizione or PRIMA grants.

  • Eccellenza grantees and SNSF professors may submit a SPIRIT application two years after starting the Eccellenza grant or SNSF professorship at the earliest.

  • Swiss applicants must meet the eligibility requirements applicable to SNSF project funding. These requirements apply mutatis mutandis to applicants from abroad.

Click the link below to read the complete details about eligibility, project funding regulations, restrictions, how to apply, and more. Pre-proposals are welcome year-round.

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