This 'Transformations' Collection of Global Sustainability aims to bring together theoretical and practical knowledge from systematic research in transformations towards sustainability.

Deadline to submit is 31 March 2021.

In both the scientific and policy worlds, work on the challenges of global sustainability is infused with calls for transformation: calls for shifts in thinking away from business-as-usual and reformist approaches; for action towards profound changes in the social, economic, political, cultural and technological systems that sustain contemporary sustainability problems, from pollution to pandemics; and calls for radical innovation in the way we do science and communicate science with a view to making its results more rigorous, relevant and actionable.

Business as usual is a dead-end pathway to recurring crises and collapse of vital life-support systems. The pressure to transform mounts as the 2030 Agenda deadline approaches and as the world takes stock of the causes and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The potential and appetite for transformation may never be this great again. We now have an unprecedented window of opportunity to advance the agenda and the impact of research on transformations to sustainability.

But that research remains fragmented and, in many ways, contested. We work with different understandings and definitions of transformation; we fail to integrate the wealth of existing knowledge about past processes of social change and transition. We need to confront remaining gaps in our understanding on how transformations can be catalysed, steered in ways that are socio-politically feasible and desirable, and scaled up towards achieving global sustainability.

This collection welcomes contributions in areas such as:

  • Analysing, conceptualising and understanding transformations to sustainability
  • Modelling transformations and quantifying future outcomes
  • Research on transformations within and across systems
  • Systems innovation and transformation, including of science itself
  • Cultural and societal change towards transformation
  • Planning, implementing and governing transformations
  • Studying examples of past, present and emerging transformations

This collection invites authors to submit research papers or intelligence briefings sharing their research on transformations towards sustainability.

Guest Editors

Thomas Wiedmann (Editorial Board member)
Heide Hackmann (Guest editor)

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