The journal Geographical Research seeks contributions to its special sixtieth anniversary issue. 

Submission deadline 4 March 2022.

Geographical Research is the internationally-refereed publication of the Institute of Australian Geographers Incorporated (IAG) created in partnership with Wiley, and 2022 heralds its sixtieth volume.

To mark and celebrate this anniversary year, the journal team, the IAG, and Wiley are joining together to curate a special fifth issue of the journal. That issue will continue to advance innovative, theoretically informed, methodologically rigorous, high-quality work that shows the strength and diversity of all parts of the discipline and be produced in December following publication of the usual February, May, August, and November issues. We are delighted to call for papers for the anniversary issue.

We are keen to receive submissions from academic and practicing professional geographers working far and wide, at all stages of your careers, across all disciplines and in varied sectors from education to government and the private sector. We include in that call, of course, members of the IAG Council, members of the journal editorial board, members of our Twitter community, our Institute Study Groups.

Papers need to connect to our aims and scope and, for this special publication, might consider some of the following, noting other suggestions are most welcome. Click here to read more about the journal, its editorial team and international editorial board, 2- and 5-year impact factors, and other information.

1  Legacies
2  Futures
3  Impacts
4  Reach
5  Traditions
6  Innovations
7  Challenges
8  Opportunities
9  Philosophies
10  Theories
11  Methodologies
12  Practices
13  Applications
14  The field and fieldwork
15  Geographical education
16  Industry
17  Community
18  Planet
19  Scale
20  Boundaries and borders
21  Regions
22  Landscapes and places

23  Movements and flows
24  Globalisation
25  Decolonisation
26  Government
27  Governance
28  Policy
29  Earth, air, fire, water
30  Climate

31 Geography as a change leader
32 The work of translation
33 Mapping new geographies
34 Extreme environments
35 Domestic environments
36 Identity
37 Intersectionality
38 Critical development
39 Cultural geography
40 Economic geography
41 GIScience, spatial analysis, modelling
42 Health geography
43 Legal geography
44 Nature, risk, and resilience
45 Political geography
46 Rural geography
47 Urban geography
48 Population
49 Migration
50 Life-course geography
51 Transport geography
52 Animal geography
53 Geography's public image
54 Ethics and geography
55 Geography's shifting ontologies
56 Professional geography
57 Key thinkers in geography
58 Emotion, memory, affect
59 Geography's digital futures
60 Microbial geographies 

Papers must be submitted to our ScholarOne portal by close of business on Friday 4 March 2022. All will be subject to double blind peer review, and we will organise all reviews to be back to authors by mid-June 2022 for any revisions. Final manuscripts that are accepted must be submitted no later than 4 October 2022 to meet our production schedule. Please send all inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the first instance.

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