Department of Geography, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. 

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology Department of Geography has a vacancy for a PhD candidate with the focus on the drivers of glacial lake outburst floods in Norway. 

Application deadline 9 August 2021.

About the position

We have a 4-year-long vacancy for a PhD candidate within the field of Physical Geography (glaciology and hydrology branches) at the Department of Geography, NTNU, which is part of the new international collaboration GOTHECA (Glacier impacts On The Hydrological systems in Europe and Central Asia).

The PhD candidate will work on challenging research problems related to the drivers and mechanisms of the most common glacier hazards in Norway – glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs).

The candidate will collaborate with the GOTHECA team to observe and interpret GLOF events on five glaciers in different parts of Norway, based on the field data acquisition, remote sensing, and numerical data analysis/modelling.

These results will be directly integrated into developing a new early warning system for GLOFs designed jointly by the Department of Geography, NTNU, the Norwegian Directorate for Water and Energy Resources (NVE) and other national partners.

The PhD position is open to developments in two research directions, either machine learning in remote sensing (research direction 1) or numerical modelling (research direction 2). This position must be filled before the end of the calendar year 2021.

The position reports to Head of Department.

Duties of the position

  • In situ observations of glacial lakes and glacier changes to identify thresholds for and drivers of rapid glacial lake drainage (both research directions).
  • Reconstruction and analysis of changes in glacial lakes and glaciers through the historical period covered by satellite and airborne observations using automated supervised classification methods; Numerical analysis of retrieved changes versus observations of potential external drivers (research direction 1).
  • Numerical modelling of the interactions between glacial lakes, glaciers and subglacial hydrology, including the interpretation of relative roles of external and internal drivers using data assimilation (research direction 2).
  • One year of teaching duties (25% of position), where the candidate is expected to contribute to lectures, seminars and practical exercises in physical geography courses at the Department, specifically in the fields of glaciology, climatology and natural hazards.
  • The PhD candidate is expected to work closely with the GOTHECA team at NTNU (including MSc and BSc students) and national partners from NVE, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and Statkraft.

Required selection criteria

The PhD position's primary objective is to qualify for work in academic positions.

  • The qualification requirement is a completion of a master’s degree or second degree (equivalent to 120 credits) with an academic background in natural science, preferably within the major fields of physical geography, climatology, glaciology, hydrology, remote sensing, or equivalent education. Applicants with other backgrounds (e.g., physics, applied mathematics and computer sciences, geophysics) may be considered, if the candidate’s competence can be transferred to work at the interface with glaciology and hydrology.
  • You must have a strong academic background from your previous studies and an average grade from the master's degree program, or equivalent education, which is equal to B or better compared with NTNU's grading scale. If you do not have letter grades from previous studies, you must have an equally good academic basis. If you have a weaker grade background, you may be assessed if you can document that you are particularly suitable for a PhD education. 
  • You must meet the requirements for admission to the Faculty's doctoral program in Social Sciences with a specialization in Geography

The appointment is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerning State Employees and Civil Servants and Regulations concerning the degrees of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) and Philosodophiae Doctor (PhD) in artistic research national guidelines for appointment as PhD, post doctor and research assistant.

Please submit your application electronically via with your CV, diplomas and certificates. Applications submitted elsewhere will not be considered.

Application deadline 9 August 2021.

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