The German Research Foundation in western Rwanda, Africa.

The German Research Foundation is funding a new research project that will investigate the social and ecological consequences of ecosystem restoration in rural Africa, with a particular focus on western Rwanda, and in collaboration with many Rwandan stakeholders. Expressions of interest for 6 Ph.D. positions and 1 Postdoc position are now open.

The research is organised into several sub-projects, which are summarised briefly below:

  • Sub-project 1: Biodiversity impacts;
  • Sub-project 2: Landscape context and connectivity;
  • Sub-project 3: Governance for justice;
  • Sub-project 4: Social cohesion;
  • Sub-project 5: Food security and livelihoods;
  • Sub-project 6: Nature’s contributions to people;
  • Sub-project 7: Living lab.

Potential start date: October 2023

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