Hydrology Research Group at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.

Are you interested in using science and engineering to contribute to sustainable water resource management? Dr. Lauren Somers at the Somers Hydrolic Change Lab is currently looking for two self-motivated master’s students and a PhD student. Prospective graduate students should have (or will have) an undergraduate degree in engineering, geoscience/earth science, environmental science, or a related discipline, and have a history of academic excellence. Preferred candidates will have a background (through coursework, research, or professional experience) in hydrology or hydrogeology, and some experience with computer modelling, programming, or fieldwork.

Dr. Somers is currently looking for two Canadian Master’s students to begin funded projects (see below) in autumn 2023 or winter 2024, plus a PhD student with a flexible start date.

  • Project 1: Quantifying and enhancing peatland carbon balance in the face of encroaching development in Atlantic Canada.
  • Project 2: Climate Change Impacts on Community Groundwater Resources in Nova Scotia.
  • Other project themes:
    • Mountain and highland groundwater
    • Community water supply and source water protection
    • Hydrology and greenhouse gas emissions dynamics in natural and disturbed wetlands
    • Passive managed aquifer recharge (MAR) techniques

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