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27-30 June 2020

Estimation of the spatiotemporal dynamic of snow water equivalent at mountain range scale under data scarcity

Functional Diversity Changes after Selective Thinning in a Tropical Mountain Forest in Southern Ecuador

Global Glacier Change Bulletin No. 3 (2016-2017) -  World Glacier Monitoring Service 2020

Plant Diversity and Composition Changes along an Altitudinal Gradient in the Isolated Volcano Sumaco in the Ecuadorian Amazon

20-26 June 2020

Urban Mountain Waterscapes: The Transformation of Hydro-Social Relations in the Trans-Himalayan Town Leh, Ladakh, India

Quantifying the impact of mountain precipitation on runoff in Hotan River, northwestern China

Snow avalanche detection and mapping in multitemporal and multiorbital radar images from TerraSAR-X and Sentinel-1

Changes in species composition and diversity of a montane beetle community over the last millennium in the High Tatras, Slovakia: Implications for forest conservation and management

Plant traits and vegetation data from climate warming experiments along an 1100 m elevation gradient in Gongga Mountains, China

Characterization of contrasting flow and thermal regimes in two adjacent subarctic alpine headwaters in Northwest Canada

From concepts to comparisons: A resource for diagnosis and measurement in social-ecological systems

Megathrust shear force controls mountain height at convergent plate margins

Extreme climate after massive eruption of Alaska’s Okmok volcano in 43 BCE and effects on the late Roman Republic and Ptolemaic Kingdom

Glacier runoff variations since 1955 in the Maipo River basin, in the semiarid Andes of central Chile

Composition of highly diverse diatom community shifts as response to climate change: A down-core study of 23 central European mountain lakes

The economic impacts of water supply restrictions due to climate and policy change: A transboundary river basin supply-side input-output analysis

Understanding the interrelationships among mass balance, meteorology, discharge and surface velocity on Chhota Shigri Glacier over 2002–2019 using in situ measurements

A review of successes, challenges, and lessons from Indigenous protected and conserved areas

Working with indigenous, local and scientific knowledge in assessments of nature and nature’s linkages with people

Do differential payments for agri-environment schemes affect the environmental benefits? A case study in the North-Eastern Italy

Elevation Effects on Air Temperature in a Topographically Complex Mountain Valley in the Spanish Pyrenees

Assessing river basin development given water‐energy‐food‐environment interdependencies

Rapid glacier retreat and downwasting throughout the European Alps in the early 21st century

The impact of climate change and glacier mass loss on the hydrology in the Mont-Blanc massif

13-19 June 2020

Effects of Temperature Rise on Multi-Taxa Distributions in Mountain Ecosystems

Monitoring the Seasonal Hydrology of Alpine Wetlands in Response to Snow Cover Dynamics and Summer Climate: A Novel Approach with Sentinel-2

Correspondence: Urgent need for an integrated policy framework for biodiversity loss and climate change

Climate History of Southern Mongolia Since 17 ka: The Ostracod, Gastropod and Charophyte Record From Lake Ulaan

Decolonizing field ecology

Using 3D turbulence-resolving simulations to understand the impact of surface properties on the energy balance of a debris-covered glacier

6-12 June 2020

Using proverbs to study local perceptions of climate change: a case study in Sierra Nevada (Spain)

The case of a southern European glacier disappearing under recent warming that survived Roman and Medieval warm periods

Hydrology of debris-covered glaciers in High Mountain Asia

Long-term patterns of hillslope erosion by earthquake-induced landslides shape mountain landscapes

Integrated strategies for Italian inland and mountain areas: from territorial forestry plans to business networks

1-5 June 2020

Diagnosis of future changes in hydrology for a Canadian Rockies headwater basin

A farewell to glaciers: Ecosystem services loss in the Spanish Pyrenees

Frozen ground and periglacial processes relationship in temperate high mountains: a case study at Monte Perdido-Tucarroya area (The Pyrenees, Spain)

Hydrology of debris-covered glaciers in High Mountain Asia

Hydrogeological characterization of an alpine aquifer system in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Does socioeconomic diversification enhance multifunctionality of mountain landscapes?

The Historic Avalanche that Destroyed the Village of Àrreu in 1803, Catalan Pyrenees

Social‐environmental extremes: rethinking extraordinary events as outcomes of interacting biophysical and social systems

Deglacierization of a Marginal Basin and Implications for Outburst Floods, Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

Vegetation refugia can inform climate‐adaptive land management under global warming

Validating climate‐change refugia: empirical bottom‐up approaches to support management actions

Enhancing the operational value of snowpack models with visualization design principles

Radar measurements of blowing snow off a mountain ridge

Analysis of changes in hydrological cycle of a pristine mountain catchment. 1. Water balance components and snow cover

Urban and Rural Space Development in Qinba Mountain Area Based on Basins

Ecotourism of the high mountain: between conservation and tourism. PNN Los Nevados, Sendero Conejeras [in Spanish]

Long-term altitudinal change in bird richness in a Mediterranean mountain range: habitat shifts explain the trends

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