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 21-27 November 2020

High‐resolution fjord sediment record of a receding glacier with growing intermediate proglacial lake (Steffen Fjord, Chilean Patagonia)

Glacier Changes in Iceland From ∼1890 to 2019

Interpreting archaeological site-formation processes at a mountain ice patch: A case study from Langfonne, Norway

Mapping ice cliffs on debris-covered glaciers using multispectral satellite images

Combating food insecurity in a rapidly changing mountain climate environment: insights from Lesotho

Is There a Scope for Social Innovation in Ukrainian Forestry?

How to identify win–win interventions that benefit human health and conservation

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Mountain Research (CIRM): Fostering Transdisciplinarity for Transformation Research in Mountains

Nature and People in the Andes, East African Mountains, European Alps, and Hindu Kush Himalaya: Current Research and Future Directions

Effects of geological structures on rainfall‐runoff responses in headwater catchments in a sedimentary rock mountain

Assessing the Effectiveness of TRIGRS for Predicting Unstable Areas in a Tropical Mountain Basin (Colombian Andes)

Dynamics and drivers of land cover change in the Afroalpine vegetation belt: Abune Yosef mountain range, Northern Ethiopia

 14-20 November 2020

[REPORT] Handbook on the use of biodiversity scenarios in support of decision-making

[REPORT] Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Basin Current Situation and Risks for the Future 1st Mediterranean Assessment Report

[REPORT] Vibrant Mountain Communities - Regional Development in Mountains: Realizing Potentials, Tackling Disparities. Sustainable Mountain Development Series

[ONLINE RESOURCE] World Bank 2020 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals: Stories and insights through innovative visuals

From needs to actions: prospects for planned adaptations in high mountain communities

CH2018 – National climate scenarios for Switzerland: How to construct consistent multi-model projections from ensembles of opportunity

Reaching New Heights in Plastic Pollution—Preliminary Findings of Microplastics on Mount Everest

Understanding the World’s Water Towers through High-Mountain Expeditions and Scientific Discovery

Behind the Scenes of a Comprehensive Scientific Expedition to Mt. Everest

Precipitation Characteristics and Moisture Source Regions on Mt. Everest in the Khumbu, Nepal

Mountain treelines climb slowly despite rapid climate warming

Mountain Biodiversity Is Central to Sustainable Development in Mountains and Beyond

Fire and biodiversity in the Anthropocene

Alpine glacier resilience and Neoglacial fluctuations linked to Holocene snowfall trends in the western United States

Reaching for the Mountains at the End of a Rebelocracy: Changes in Land and Water Access in Colombia's Highlands During the Post-peace Agreement Phase

Navigating the chaos of an unfolding global cycle

Proglacial icings as records of winter hydrological processes

Small-scale spatial variability in bare-ice reflectance at Jamtalferner, Austria

Effects of climate anomalies on warm-season low flows in Switzerland

The thermal tolerance of photosynthetic tissues: a global systematic review and agenda for future research

Linking hydrological variations at local scales to regional climate teleconnection patterns 

Consistent population declines but idiosyncratic range shifts in Alpine orchids under global change 

Perspectives on the Future of Land Surface Models and the Challenges of Representing Complex Terrestrial Systems

Modelling the evolution of Djankuat Glacier, North Caucasus, from 1752 until 2100 CE

Limited Contribution of Glacier Mass Loss to the Recent Increase in Tibetan Plateau Lake Volume

Patterns of decadal, seasonal and daily visitation to mineral licks, a critical resource hotspot for mountain goats Oreamnos americanus in the Rocky Mountains

Automated Processing of Declassified KH-9 Hexagon Satellite Images for Global Elevation Change Analysis Since the 1970s

Reanalysing the 2007–19 glaciological mass-balance series of Mera Glacier, Nepal, Central Himalaya, using geodetic mass balance

Geomorphic response to the Lateglacial–Holocene transition in high Alpine regions (Sanetsch Pass, Swiss Alps)

Mass balance and surface evolution of the debris-covered Miage Glacier, 1990–2018

Perito Moreno Glacier dam rupture - A recurrent natural experiment to probe solid-earth elasticity

Numerical modeling of the dynamics of the Mer de Glace glacier, French Alps: comparison with past observations and forecasting of near-future evolution

European daily precipitation according to EURO-CORDEX regional climate models (RCMs) and high-resolution global climate models (GCMs) from the High-Resolution Model Intercomparison Project (HighResMIP)

Characterization of Acoustic Infrasound Signals at Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala: A Baseline for Volcano Monitoring

Multi-Decadal Variability in the Snow-Cover Reconstruction at Parma Observatory (Northern Italy, 1681–2018 CE)

Climate reverses directionality in the richness–abundance relationship across the World’s main forest biomes

Effects of fertilization and irrigation on vascular plant species richness, functional composition and yield in mountain grasslands

The Potential of Small Mountain River Systems for Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions in Drylands—An Example from the Binaloud Mountains in Northeastern Iran

7-13 November 2020

Resident vegetation modifies climate-driven elevational shift of a mountain sedge

Drought responses and their effects on radial stem growth of two co-occurring conifer species in the Mediterranean mountain range

A 10-year Climatology of Mesoscale Convective Systems and their Synoptic Circulations in the Southwest Mountain Area of China

Significant stream chemistry response to temperature variations in a high-elevation mountain watershed

Monitoring biomass in two heterogeneous mountain pasture communities by image based 3D point cloud derived predictors

Impacts of climate change on the flow of the transboundary Koshi River, with implications for local irrigation

A relational turn for sustainability science? Relational thinking, leverage points and transformations

Assessment of the Visual Quality of Sediment Control Structures in Mountain Streams

Heavy metals in different moss species in alpine ecosystems of Mountain Gongga, China: Geochemical characteristics and controlling factors

[VIDEO] Predicted shifts in microbial patterns along mountain streams under climate change

31 October - 6 November 2020

[REPORT] Towards a sustainable future: transformative change and post-COVID-19 priorities. A Perspective by the European Academies Science Advisory Council’s Environment Programme

Including Parameter Uncertainty in an Intercomparison of Physically-Based Snow Models

Glaciers and glaciation of North Island, New Zealand

The Boundaries of the Planetary Boundary Framework: A Critical Appraisal of Approaches to Define a “Safe Operating Space” for Humanity

Morphometric evolution of Everest region debris-covered glaciers

Landslide Hazard Assessment and Distribution Mapping of Mountain Region of Nepal: A Case from Triveni Rural Municipality

Refugees and Mountain

The role of forest policy in Mediterranean mountain community lands: A review of the decentralization processes in European countries

A relational turn for sustainability science? Relational thinking, leverage points and transformations

Importance of the informative content in the study area when regionalising rainfall-runoff model parameters: the role of nested catchments and gauging station density

Disruption of traditional land use regimes causes an economic loss of provisioning services in high-mountain grasslands

Field and Remote Studies and Mathematical Modeling of Mountain-Steppe Ecosystems on a Landscape Basis

Seed bank offers potential for active restoration of mountain meadows

The pulse of a montane ecosystem: coupling between daily cycles in solar flux, snowmelt, transpiration, groundwater, and streamflow at Sagehen Creek and Independence Creek, Sierra Nevada, USA

Treeline ecotones shape the distribution of avian species richness and functional diversity in south temperate mountains

Cover image by Hans Braxmeier.

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