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19-25 June 2021

A high-resolution gridded dataset of daily temperature and precipitation records (1980–2018) for Trentino-South Tyrol (north-eastern Italian Alps)

Altitudinal Zonation of Green Algae Biodiversity in the French Alps

Analysis of Farmer’s Choices for Climate Change Adaptation Practices in South-Western Uganda, 1980–2009

Attribution of growing season evapotranspiration variability considering snowmelt and vegetation changes in the arid alpine basins

Biotic and abiotic factors determine species diversity-productivity relationships in mountain meadows

Climate change decisive for Asia’s snow meltwater supply

[BOOK CHAPTER] Climate Change, Perceptions, and Adaptation Responses Among Farmers and Pastoralists in the Cameroon Highlands

Future changes in annual, seasonal and monthly runoff signatures in contrasting Alpine catchments in Austria

Growing mining contribution to Colombian deforestation

Integrative Post-event Impact Assessment Framework for Volcanic Eruptions: A Disaster Forensic Investigation of the 2011–2012 Eruption of the Cordón Caulle Volcano (Chile)

Mountain Atmospherics

New snow metrics for a warming world

Rocky Mountain subalpine forests now burning more than any time in recent millennia

[BOOK] Routledge Handbook of Research Methods for Social-Ecological Systems

sPlotOpen – An environmentally balanced, open-access, global dataset of vegetation plots

State of the Landscape and Dynamics of Loss and Fragmentation of Forest Critically Endangered in the Tropical Andes Hotspot: Implications for Conservation Planning

The long way back: Development of Central European mountain forests towards old-growth conditions after the cessation of management

The Swiss Alpine zero degree line: Methods, past evolution and sensitivities

12-18 June 2021

Brief communication: Do 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 °C matter for the future evolution of Alpine glaciers?

Endangered mountain gorillas and COVID-19: One health lessons for prevention and preparedness during a global pandemic

Effect of low and high concentrate supplementation on health and welfare indicators in different breeds in small-scale mountain dairy farms

Evolution of Surface Characteristics of Three Debris-Covered Glaciers in the Patagonian Andes From 1958 to 2020

Late Holocene environmental change and anthropogenic: Ecosystem interaction on the Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

Kinematic observations of the mountain cryosphere using in-situ GNSS instruments

Nitrate sources and transformations along a mountain-to-plain gradient in the Taizi River basin in Northeast China

Oral tradition as emplacement: Ancestral Blackfoot memories of the Rocky Mountain Front

Predicting species and community responses to global change using structured expert judgement: An Australian mountain ecosystems case study

Role of abandoned grasslands in the conservation of spider communities across heterogeneous mountain landscapes

Some like it fishless: the reasons and potential for eradicating alien fish from European mountain lakes

The forgotten mountain monarch? Understanding conservation status of the Vulnerable Ladakh urial in India

The role of remote sensing for mountain soil characteristics and rural asset allocation

5-11 June 2021

"A Feminine Utopia":Mountain Climbing, Gender, and Women's Rights in Nineteenth-Century America

A massive rock and ice avalanche caused the 2021 disaster at Chamoli, Indian Himalaya

Altitudinal Zonation of Green Algae Biodiversity in the French Alps

An early Devonian flora from the Baviaanskloof Formation (Table Mountain Group) of South Africa

Assessment of snowmaking conditions based on meteorological reconstruction in the Beijing–Zhangjiakou mountain area of North China in 1978–2017

Biodiversity–productivity relationships are key to nature-based climate solutions

Brief communication: An empirical relation between center frequency and measured thickness for radar sounding of temperate glaciers

Climate warming consistently reduces grassland ecosystem productivity

Continuous Spatio-Temporal High-Resolution Estimates of SWE Across the Swiss Alps – A Statistical Two-Step Approach for High-Mountain Topography

Himalayan Blue Pine Deduced Precipitation Record from Cold Arid Lahaul–Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India

Ice Cliff Dynamics of Debris-Covered Trakarding Glacier in the Rolwaling Region, Nepal Himalaya

[Book chapter] Impacts of Land Abandonment on Flood Mitigation in Mediterranean Mountain Areas

Investigating ANN architectures and training to estimate snow water equivalent from snow depth

Investigating the impact of space weather on agriculture products over Chokie mountain basin in Ethiopia

[Report] IPBES-IPCC Co-Sponsored Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change: Scientific Outcomes

Glaciohydrology of the Himalaya-Karakoram

Phenological shifts induced by climate change amplify drought for broad-leaved trees at low elevations in Switzerland

Regimes of primary production and their drivers in Alpine streams

Responses of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities ofTwo Tropical, High-Mountain Lakes to Climate Change and Deacidification

Risky development: Increasing exposure to natural hazards in the United States

The demand side of climate services for real-time snow management in Alpine ski resorts: Some empirical insights and implications for climate services development

The effects of farming intensification on an iconic grassland bird species, or why mountain refuges no longer work for farmland biodiversity

The hydrology of glacier-bed overdeepenings: sediment transport mechanics, drainage system morphology, and geomorphological implications

The Role of Mountain Ranges in Shaping Population-Associated Routes of Migration: A Case Study of European Goldfinches in the Pyrenees

29 May – 4 June 2021

A method for solving heat transfer with phase change in ice or soil that allows for large time steps while guaranteeing energy conservation

A pilot study about microplastics and mesoplastics in an Antarctic glacier

Anatomy of a Catastrophe: Reconstructing the 1936 Rock Fall and Tsunami Event in Lake Lovatnet, Western Norway

Characterizing the behaviour of surge-type glaciers in the Geladandong Mountain Region, Inner Tibetan Plateau, from 1986 to 2020

Climate change and hunter-gatherers in montane eastern DR Congo

Composition and structure of mountain forests containing two tropical pines, Pinus krempfii and Pinus dalatensis, on the Da Lat Plateau, southern Vietnam

Evolution of the “world’s only alpine parrot”: Genomic adaptation or phenotypic plasticity, behaviour and ecology?

Forests, Farms, and Fallows: The Dynamics of Tree Cover Transition in the Southern Part of the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania

Future Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) hazard of the South Lhonak Lake, Sikkim Himalaya

Gauging ungauged catchments – Active learning for the timing of point discharge observations in combination with continuous water level measurements

Impact of the Southern Ecuadorian Andes on Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes in Precipitation

Influence of humic acid structure on the accumulation of oxyfluorfen in tropical soils of mountain agroecosystems

Isotopic constraints on atmospheric sulfate formation pathways in the Mt. Everest region, southern Tibetan Plateau

Mountain Observatories: Status and Prospects for Enhancing and Connecting a Global Community

Recognizing indigenous farming practices for sustainability: a narrative analysis of key elements and drivers in a Chinese dryland terrace system

Relationships between single-tree mountain birch summertime albedo and vegetation properties

Seasonal discharge response to temperature-driven changes in evaporation and snow processes in the Rhine Basin

Scenario archetypes reveal risks and opportunities for global mountain futures

Setting the mountain ablaze? The Royal Highland Festival in Bhutan from the semi-nomads’ perspective

‘Tears of Rejoicing Spirits’ - Happiness and the Mediation of Human–Spirit Relations in a Mongolian Mountain Sacrifice

Towards a definition of Essential Mountain Climate Variables

[Book] Fortuna Forest Reserve, Panama: Interacting Effects of Climate and Soils on the Biota of a Wet Premontane Tropical Forest.

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