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24-30 July 2021

Aquatic biota responses to temperature in a high Andean geothermal stream

17-23 July 2021

A Regional Earth System Data Lab for Understanding Ecosystem Dynamics: An Example from Tropical South America

Active microbial ecosystem in glacier basal ice fuelled by iron and silicate comminution-derived hydrogen

Agroforestry trade-offs between biomass provision and aboveground carbon sequestration in the alpine Eisenwurzen region, Austria

Assessing the invasion risk of botanical garden’s exotic threatened collections to adjacent mountain forests: A case study of Cibodas Botanical Garden

Avalanche danger level characteristics from field observations of snow instability

Changing mountain farmscapes: vulnerability and migration drivers in the Paute River watershed, Southern Ecuador

Communicating drivers of environmental change through transdisciplinary human-environment modelling

Effect of land-use change along altitudinal gradients on soil micronutrients in the mountain ecosystem of Indian (Eastern) Himalaya

Experimental Evidence on the Impact of Payments and Property Rights on Forest User Decisions

Leaf thickness and elevation explain naturalized alien species richness in a tropical mountain forest: A case study from Mount Gede-Pangrango National Park, Indonesia

Local summer insolation and greenhouse gas forcing drove warming and glacier retreat in New Zealand during the Holocene

Managing for RADical ecosystem change: applying the Resist-Accept-Direct (RAD) framework

Microbial Antagonism in the Trentino Alps: Negotiating Spacetimes and Ownership through the Production of Raw Milk Cheese in Alpine High Mountain Summer Pastures

Quantifying Patterns of Supraglacial Debris Thickness and Their Glaciological Controls in High Mountain Asia

Stonefly Assemblages as Indicators of Relict North African Mountain Streams (Plecoptera)

Temporal Variations in Landslide Distributions Following Extreme Events: Implications for Landslide Susceptibility Modeling

10-16 July 2021

Aesthetic perceptions of the landscape of a shrinking glacier: Evidence from the Mont Blanc massif

Analysis of cultural ecosystem services of rock climbing settings in Mexico City: the case of Los Dinamos Recreational Park

Biological albedo reduction on ice sheets, glaciers, and snowfields

Challenges and Benefits of Approaches Used to Integrate Regional Monitoring Programs 

Climate Trends on the Highest Peak of the Northeast: Mount Washington, NH

Dynamics of soil organic carbon in the steppes of Russia and Kazakhstan under past and future climate and land use

Floods in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and lessons for French flood risk governance

High altitude hunting, climate change, and pastoral resilience in eastern Eurasia

Hydrological significance of rock glaciers and other periglacial landforms as sustenance of wet meadows in the Patagonian Andes

Modelling the Vadret da Tschierva, Switzerland: calibration with the historical length record and future response to climate change

Optimal foraging by a large ungulate in an extreme environment: Wild mountain reindeer select snow-free feeding habitats in winter

Product diversification and isomorphism: The case of ski resorts and “me-too” innovation

Railways redistribute plant species in mountain landscapes

South-Siberian mountain mires: Perspectives on a potentially vulnerable remote source of biodiversity

Variation in Alpine Plant Diversity and Soil Temperatures in Two Mountain Landscapes of South Patagonia

3-9 July 2021

A geographically weighted regression approach to detect divergent changes in the vegetation activity along the elevation gradients over the last 20 years

A warming climate adds complexity to post-fire hydrologic hazard planning

Addressing disturbance risk to mountain forest ecosystem services

Growth Rates in the Giant Rosette Plants Dendrosenecio adnivalis and Lobelia wollastonii on the Ruwenzori Mountains, Uganda

High-elevation limits and the ecology of high-elevation vascular plants: legacies from Alexander von Humboldt

High Mountain Asian glacier response to climate revealed by multi-temporal satellite observations since the 1960s

Higher temperatures are associated with reduced nestling body condition in a range-restricted mountain bird

Income Inequality in Mountain Areas: The Case of Agroforestry Farming Systems in Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania

Inventory and evolution of glacial lakes since the Little Ice Age: lessons from the case of Switzerland

Predicting species and community responses to global change using structured expert judgement: An Australian mountain ecosystems case study

Sustainability of social–ecological systems: The difference between social rules and management rules

The 2020 glacial lake outburst flood at Jinwuco, Tibet: causes, impacts, and implications for hazard and risk assessment

The ValPar.CH project – Assessing the added value of ecological infrastructure in Swiss Parks

Thermal Stress in Selected Mountain System in Central and Eastern Europe – Initial Research based on UTCI Characteristics

26 June – 2 July 2021

Alaskan wild food harvester information needs and climate adaptation strategies

Brief communication: Growth and decay of an ice stupa in alpine conditions – a simple model driven by energy-flux observations over a glacier surface

Changes in the frequency of global high mountain rain-on-snow events due to climate warming

Contrasting patterns of phylogenetic diversity and alpine specialization across the alpine flora of the American mountain range system

Flood Risk and River Conservation: Mapping Citizen Perception to Support Sustainable River Management

Functional diversity and redundancy of tropical forests shift with elevation and forest-use intensity

Future Climate Change Hotspots Under Different 21st Century Warming Scenarios

Future fire-driven landscape changes along a southwestern US elevation gradient

How well do climate adaptation policies align with risk-based approaches? An assessment framework for cities

Impact of dynamic snow density on GlobSnow snow water equivalent retrieval accuracy

Mobile phones and wrong numbers: how Maasai agro-pastoralists form and use accidental social ties in East Africa

Remote sensing of the mountain cryosphere: Current capabilities and future opportunities for research

Status of the Tibetan Plateau observatory (Tibet-Obs) and a 10-year (2009–2019) surface soil moisture dataset

The value of water isotope data on improving process understanding in a glacierized catchment on the Tibetan Plateau

Transformative governance of biodiversity: insights for sustainable development

Unravelling climate change impacts from other anthropogenic influences in a subalpine lake: a multi-proxy sediment study from Oberer Soiernsee (Northern Alps, Germany)

Upward expansion and acceleration of forest clearance in the mountains of Southeast Asia

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