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Ricardo Grau is an Agronomy Engineer from the National University of Tucumán (1989), and holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA (1999). Since 2000 he has been based in Tucumán, Argentina. Currently he is Director of the Institute of Regional Ecology, Professor of Landscape Ecology at the National University of Tucumán, and Principal Investigator of CONICET, the Argentine Research Council. In addition to his role as an MRI SLC member, he is also a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Global Land Programme.

Research Interests

Keywords: Land Use/Cover Change, Vegetation Dynamics, Andean Wetlands, Andean Forests, Fire-Climate-Land Use Interactions, Land Use Efficiency, Urbanization, Globalization and Influence on Ecosystems.

Ricardo Grau's research seeks to explore the following questions: 

• What are the drivers, patterns, and consequences of globalization-driven land use change in Latin America?
• How do climate, mining, tourism, and land use determine vegetation dynamics and biodiversity conservation in high Andean ecosystems?
• How does the interaction between climate change and disturbances (fire, grazing) affect montane forest dynamics?
• How do global and local priorities/decisions interact to drive socioecological processes?


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