University of the Free State (UFS) Geography (Bloemfontein) in South Africa.

There are MSc and PhD research projects available at the University of the Free State. The themes are quaternary climate change, landscape evolution (mapping & modelling), geochronology (cosmogenic 36Cl and/or 137Cs), geoconservation and education (through immersive technologies like virtual reality, 360 film and photography) at sub-Antarctic islands.

  • Project 1: Constraining the volcanological and geomorphological development of Gough Island, South Atlantic Ocean, will be through geochronological dating and mapping;
  • Project 2: Understanding the role of local topography in Marion Island’s deglaciation using palaeo-climate based modelling;
  • Project 3: Calibrating Southern Hemisphere 36Cl production rates with data form Gough and Marion islands
  • Project 4: Establishing a 137Cs reference inventory on Marion and Gough islands;
  • Project 5: Utilising immersive technologies (virtual reality, 360 film and photography) to create virtual field trips for the sub-Antarctic islands.

If you are interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please add your CV and attach your latest research output (proposal, thesis, paper).

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