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19-26 September 2020

Effects of elevation-dependent climate warming on intra- and inter-specific growth synchrony in mixed mountain forests

Predicting species and community responses to global change in Australian mountain ecosystems using structured expert judgement

Rewilding of large herbivore communities in high elevation Puna: geographic segregation and no evidence of positive effects on peatland productivity

Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) in the Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru: Historic Events and Current Susceptibility

Key rules of life and the fading cryosphere: impacts in alpine lakes and streams

Towards understanding the pattern of glacier mass balances in High Mountain Asia using regional climatic modelling

A “Global Safety Net” to reverse biodiversity loss and stabilize Earth’s climate

Accelerated Snow Melt in the Russian Caucasus Mountains After the Saharan Dust Outbreak in March 2018

Spatio-temporal Structure of the Boundary Layer under the Impact of Mountain Waves

Climate change impact on hydrological characteristics and water availability of the Mountain Pamir Rivers

Direct and indirect losses of natural habitat caused by future urban expansion in the transnational area of Changbai Mountain

Predicting impacts of climate variability on Banj oak (Quercus leucotrichophora A. Camus) forests: understanding future implications for Central Himalayas

Competitive dominance mediates the effects of topography on plant richness in a mountain grassland

What is the hydrologically effective area of a catchment?

Integrating ecosystem services within spatial biodiversity conservation prioritization in the Alps

Improved Rainfall Prediction through Nonlinear Autoregressive Network with Exogenous Variables: A Case Study in Andes High Mountain Region

Local Perceptions of Ecosystem Services Across Multiple Ecosystem Types in Spain

How much snow falls in the world's mountains? A first look at mountain snowfall estimates in A-train observations and reanalyses

Power asymmetries in social networks of ecosystem services governance

Isotopic insights on continental water sources and transport in the mountains and plains of Southern South America

Developing multiscale and integrative nature–people scenarios using the Nature Futures Framework

Farm and Rural Community Management in Less Favored Areas

The Impact of Glacier Surface Temperature on the Glacier Retreat of Ağrı Mountain

Tree Line Shift in the Olympus Mountain (Greece) and Climate Change

Three decades of land-use and land-cover change in mountain regions of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Rapid amphibian community recovery following removal of non-native fish from high mountain lakes

Locating North African microrefugia for mountain tree species from landscape ruggedness and fossil records

Topographic position amplifies consequences of short-interval stand-replacing fires on postfire tree establishment in subalpine conifer forests

The Number and Spatial Distribution of Forest-Proximate People Globally

12-18 September 2020 

A concerted research effort to advance the hydrological understanding of tropical páramos

Climatic influences on forest fire and mountain pine beetle outbreaks and resulting runoff effects in large watersheds in British Columbia, Canada

Climate change disproportionately affects visual quality of cultural ecosystem services in a mountain region

Developing multi-scale and integrative nature-people scenarios using the Nature Futures Framework

Seismic observations, numerical modeling, and geomorphic analysis of a glacier lake outburst flood in the Himalayas

The role of warm, dry summers and variation in snowpack on phytoplankton dynamics in mountain lakes

Insects in high‐elevation streams: life in extreme environments imperiled by climate change

Potential impacts of mercury released from thawing permafrost

Neoglacial increase in high-magnitude glacial lake outburst flood frequency, upper Baker River, Chilean Patagonia (47°S)

A new simple topo-climatic model to predict surface displacement in paraglacial and periglacial mountains of the European Alps: The importance of ground heating index and floristic components as ecological indicators

Scientific and local ecological knowledge, shaping perceptions towards protected areas and related ecosystem services

Talus slope geomorphology investigated at multiple time scales from high‐resolution topographic surveys and historical aerial photographs (Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland)

Funnel-shaped surface depressions — Indicator or accelerant of rapid glacier disintegration? A case study in the Tyrolean Alps

Glacial lake inventory of high-mountain Asia in 1990 and 2018 derived from Landsat images

The modern state of zooplankton in Altai high mountain lakes

Assumptions in ecosystem service assessments: Increasing transparency for conservation

Slope estimation influences on ice thickness inversion models: a case study for Monte Tronador glaciers, North Patagonian Andes

Two centuries of hydroclimatic variability reconstructed from tree‐ring records over the Amazonian Andes of Peru

Ödenwinkel: an Alpine platform for observational and experimental research on the emergence of multidiversity and ecosystem complexity

Reciprocal interactions between a non-native shrub and the dominant native trees of a high mountain woodland: who benefits?

Assessment of mountain river streamflow patterns and flood events using information and complexity measures

Current and future projections of glacier contribution to streamflow in the upper Athabasca River Basin

Assessing Multi-Temporal Snow-Volume Trends in High Mountain Asia From 1987 to 2016 Using High-Resolution Passive Microwave Data

Enhancing socioeconomic resilience and climate adaptation through value chain development of mountain products in Hindu Kush Himalayas             

Risk perception and management of debris flow hazards in the Upper Salween Valley Region: implications for disaster risk reduction in marginalized mountain communities

5-11 September 2020 

[Report] United in Science 2020 - A multi-organization high-level compilation of the latest climate science information

[Book Chapter] Japan's mountain tourism at a crossroads: Insights from the North Japan Alps

[Magazine] Future Earth’s Anthropocene - Issue 5 “Relocate”

[Report] Inventory of glacial lakes and identification of potentially dangerous glacial lakes in the Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali river basins of Nepal, the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, and India

Snow depth mapping from stereo satellite imagery in mountainous terrain: evaluation using airborne laser-scanning data

Mapping the effectiveness of nature‐based solutions for climate change adaptation

Does the altitude of habitat influence residents' attitudes to guests? A new dimension in the residents’ attitudes to tourism

Decoupling of warming mountain snowpacks from hydrological regimes

Headwater Flow Geochemistry of Mount Everest (Upper Dudh Koshi River, Nepal)

Toward Snow Cover Estimation in Mountainous Areas Using Modern Data Assimilation Methods: A Review

A monitoring system for spatiotemporal electrical self-potential measurements in cryospheric environments

Spatial distribution and characteristics of Andean ice masses in Argentina: results from the first National Glacier Inventory

How to Deal With Multi-Proxy Data for Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions: Applications to a Holocene Lake Sediment Record From the Tian Shan, Central Asia

Contrasting Roles of a Large Alpine Lake on Tibetan Plateau in Shaping Regional Precipitation During Summer and Autumn

A “Global Safety Net” to reverse biodiversity loss and stabilize Earth’s climate

On the disequilibrium response and climate change vulnerability of the mass-balance glaciers in the Alps

Trampling Intensity and Vegetation Response and Recovery according to Altitude: An Experimental Study from the Himalayan Miyar Valley

29 August-4 September 2020 

[Book chapter] Greenland Ice Sheet and Arctic Mountain Glaciers

[Editorial] Authors on the rise (Are the Geosciences becoming more collaborative and multidisciplinary?)

The role of liquid water percolation representation in estimating snow water equivalent in a Mediterranean mountain region (Mount Lebanon)

Anthropogenic climate change versus internal climate variability: impacts on snow cover in the Swiss Alps

Global spatio‐temporal assessment of changes in multiple ecosystem services under four IPCC SRES land‐use scenarios

Spatio-temporal patterns of landslides and erosion in tropical andean catchments / Distribución espacio-temporal de los deslizamientos y erosión hídrica en una cuenca Andina tropical 

Mapping the Sensitivity of Population Exposure to Changes in Flood Magnitude: Prospective Application From Local to Global Scale

Global Characterization of Inland Water Reservoirs Using ICESat‐2 Altimetry and Climate Reanalysis

Flexible genes establish widespread bacteriophage pan-genomes in cryoconite hole ecosystems

Integrated landslide disaster risk management (ILDRiM): the challenge to avoid the construction of new disaster risk

Exploring the Politics of Institutional Fragmentation in Transboundary River Basins

Biodiversity and ecosystem services on the African continent – What is changing, and what are our options?

Warm-air entrainment and advection during alpine blowing snow events

Assessing Shifts in Regional Hydroclimatic Conditions of U.S. River Basins in Response to Climate Change over the 21st Century

The influence of LUCC on water demand in the north slope of Tianshan Mountain

The Effects of Climate Change on Snow Leopards at the Hengduan Mountain Region

Automatic classification of fine-scale mountain vegetation based on mountain altitudinal belt

Climate-growth relationships of Pinus pseudostrobus from a tropical mountain cloud forest in northeast Mexico

Assessment of the environmental impacts associated with vineyards and winemaking. A case study in mountain areas

The vegetation, climate, and fire history of a mountain steppe: A Holocene reconstruction from the South Caucasus, Shenkani, Armenia

Neogene precipitation, vegetation, and elevation history of the Central Andean Plateau

Quantifying the impact of synoptic weather types and patterns on energy fluxes of a marginal snowpack

Biotic rescaling reveals importance of species interactions for variation in biodiversity responses to climate change

Soil respiration of alpine meadow is controlled by freeze–thaw processes of active layer in the permafrost region of the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau

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