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GEO BON Open Science Conference and All Hands Meeting 2020

06/07/2020 10/07/2020

Conferences 2020

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The GEO BON Open Science Conference and All Hands Meeting 2020 will be a milestone event that will bring together all those involved and interested in the development of Biodiversity Observation Networks and Essential Biodiversity Variables, as well as their potential to support global biodiversity monitoring and conservation post-2020.

The 2020 GEO BON Open Science Conference and All Hands meeting invites all members and interested parties to come together and present progress, achievements, and frontiers in BON and EBV development, as well as to plan and shape the future of GEO BON. The conference will also be the occasion to officially launch the outcomes of the “EBV 2020” initiative with the mobilization of EBV data products covering all EBV classes into the GEO BON portal.

The Open Science Conference will be combined with an All Hands meeting similar to the ones organized in Leipzig in 2016 and Beijing in 2018. Working groups and BONs will be invited to meet in parallel sessions with time will be split between presentations and workshops. Each Working Group and regional and thematic BON will review and discuss progress and achievements outlined in the 2017-2020 Implementation Plan as well as define their roadmap for the 2021-2024 time period.


Find a programme breakdown for each of the five days of this event here

On Tuesday 7 July, MRI's flagship activity GEO-GNOME will present a session titled "Essential Mountain Variables for monitoring mountain social-ecological systems: progress and prospects" which will encompass the outcomes of two MRI-hosted workshops on Essential Mountain Variables and serve to share prospects and strengthen bonds within the GEO-BON community.

This event is completely virtual and will take place online.

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