GEO Mountains Workshop | Inter- and Transdisciplinary Mountain Data in the Carpathians: Identifying User Requirements and Access Preferences
23.06.2021 | 16:00 –
23.06.2021 | 17:30
23.06.2021 | 16:00 – 17:30

At Forum Carpaticum 2021

A GEO Mountains workshop taking place as part of Forum Carpaticum 2021.


Carolina Adler (GEO Mountains Co-Lead)
Elisa Palazzi (GEO Mountains Co-Lead)
James Thornton (GEO Mountains Scientific Officer)

Workshop Description

GEO Mountains (formerly GEO-GNOME) is one of several partners responsible for implementing Adaptation at Altitude – a global programme funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

As outlined in the GEO Mountains Implementation Plan, over the period 2020-2022, tasks are being carried out in relation to three main objectives:
1. Identifying the needs of diverse users of data and information pertaining to global mountain environments and, as far as possible, satisfying these needs by making relevant data freely discoverable, accessible, and usable;
2. Improving the monitoring and understanding of mountain processes;
3. Communicating and linking the community in order to develop reporting capacity that responds to policy needs.

Three questions are of particular interest regarding Objective 1:
1. What requirements/wishes do users of mountain data have with respect to an online database/portal through which mountain data will be searchable and made available?
2. Which organisations and institutions are major providers of relevant data? and;
3. What are the major gaps experienced by users with respect to the discoverability, accessibility, and usability of the datasets themselves?

This workshop at the Forum Carpaticum 2021 is an opportunity to learn from the relevant actors in the region, identify and complement our inventories and databases with their inputs and contributions. It will also offer an opportunity to identify collaborations and exchanges that support both GEO Mountains (or other MRI Flagship Activities) and the Science for the Carpathians S4C agenda, as well as priorities in support of your community.

Given the scope of the Adaptation at Altitude programme, specific emphasis will be placed on data related to climate change drivers, processes, impacts, and adaptation in the region, but other topics and corresponding types of data and information will also remain in scope.


Date: 23 June 2021 | Time: 16:00-17:30 CEST | Location: Online

1. Introduction | James Thornton, GEO Mountains
2. Invited Presentation: Science for the Carpathians | Katalin Mázsa, S4C Chair
3. Invited Presentation: Elevation-Dependent Warming | Dana Micu, Meteo Romania
4. Open Discussion of Questions 1, 2, and 3
5. Data Needs Survey

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Please note that you do not need to be registered for the Forum Carpaticum to attend the workshop. For any questions, please contact


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