SUDAC & KFPE Conference 2024: Sustainable, Equitable Partnerships in North-South Collaboration
31.05.2024 | 12:30 –
31.05.2024 | 17:30
31.05.2024 | 12:30 – 17:30


The SUDAC Programme (swissuniversities development and cooperation network) will hold its annual conference in collaboration with the KFPE (Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries) on 31 May 2024. This year’s conference will focus on the following topic: “Sustainable, equitable partnerships in North-South collaboration –  Lessons learned for future funding models”.

The event aims to reflect on the state of current funding models for North-South collaboration in research and education, to discuss best practices for achieving equal partnerships and to explore possible designs for future funding instruments. The conference will feature keynote speakers, workshops and a panel discussion at the end.

Registration will open in April 2024.

Online Workshop Series: 15 May – 19 June 2024

As part of the conference, there will be a series of interactive online workshops from May 15 to June 19. These workshops aim to foster the exchange and discuss ideas how to promote sustainable, equitable partnerships. Check out the program and register.

Cover image by Patrick Robert Doyle.