Call for Papers: Harmonised/Standard Protocols for the Implementation of Alert and Impact Forecasting Systems and Transnational Emergency Management in the Areas of High-Impact Weather/Climatic and Geological Disasters

Horizon Europe is calling for papers on “Harmonised / Standard protocols for the implementation of alert and impact forecasting systems as well as transnational emergency management in the areas of high-impact weather / climatic and geological disasters”. 

The projects’ results are expected to contribute to some or all of the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced links between scientific community and first and second responders promoting user-targeted research and the faster transfer of science results into best practices;
  • Enhanced adoption of novel technologies such as advanced Earth Observation capabilities, and capabilities such as those from Earth Observation space technologies into prevention and management practices and tools;
  • Improvement of meteorological input (wind, temperature, precipitation, soil humidity) for extremes related to heat and drought (forest fires, heatwave, agricultural damage, low water for hydro power), especially concerning the support of counter activities;
  • Improved methods for cross-border and cross-sectoral knowledge transfer about risk, vulnerability, exposure, and monitoring methods;
  • Development of common technical standards of alert and impact forecasting systems that cope more efficiently with transboundary emergencies, and for GIS-based information systems dealing with high-impact weather / climatic and geological disasters management during emergencies;
  • Identification of needs and opportunities for transferring advanced scientific results into enhancement in disaster logistics and responses, including tailor-made education and training programmes for emergency management teams.

Planned opening date: 27 June 2024.
Deadline date: 20 November 2024 17:00:00 Brussels time.