5th iLEAPS Science Conference
Global News
article written by MRI
08.02.17 | 12:02

11-14 September 2017, Oxford, United Kingdom

CEH will organise the next conference in Oxford in 2017, with the theme ‘Understanding the impact of land-atmosphere exchanges’. We have invited (and will invite other) core programmes within Future Earth and WCRP to co-host sessions at this conference. SSC members will be responsible for specific sessions and will liaise with the core-projects to widen its scientific content so that we can expand our understanding of the impact of land-atmosphere exchanges.

We will include and support Early Career Scientists and scientists from developing countries. The IPO through this grant will provide limited financial support for both categories of under-represented communities. We will invite senior and established scientists to buddy scientists from the developing world and young scientists. The Early Career Scientist Network will host their workshop a few days before the conference. This will be supported by members of the SSC and other senior scientists in the iLEAPS international community. The IPO will host a meeting with the scientists from developing countries to design the ‘Teaching and research resources for developing world’ webpages.