CIRM & Labex ITTEM Workshop on Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research: Institutions and Networks
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15.12.21 | 03:12

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Mountain Research (CIRM) of the University of Lausanne, with the Labex ITTEM, hosted a hybrid workshop on 21-22 October 2021 in Sion, Switzerland, which aimed at offering a space for joint reflection and sharing of experiences on how diverse entities foster scientific research in the mountains. Representatives from the MRI were among those present.

A total of 32 individual researchers attended the workshop at the CIRM premises in Bramois, Sion, with an additional 13 researchers joining proceedings via video conference. The attendees represent some twenty institutions from Alpine countries and international networks. The objectives of this workshop were to (1) share inter- and transdisciplinary research experiences (both successes and obstacles and challenges), (2) discuss the role of this research on transformations towards sustainability, and (3) discuss and explore a possible common future between the different institutions.

As preparation for the workshop, all entities represented at the workshop were invited to produce a video clip introducing their organizations and their activities that aim at promoting inter- and transdisciplinary research collaborations. The MRI’s own video, filmed and edited by MRI Chair Jörg Balsiger, can be viewed by clicking below.

The interactive discussions were preceded by four keynote lectures, among them a keynote by the MRI Chair, Prof Jorg Balsiger, titled ‘Challenges and opportunities of diversifying methods for Id-Td knowledge production: From interviews and reports to videos and games’. A series of group discussion sessions were facilitated for the reminder of the workshop, with exchanges structured in the form of questions and answers and by informal exchanges during coffee breaks and meals.

In order not to “just stop there”, the full results of this workshop will be shared as part of two articles that are being prepared by the workshop organisers with the participants, which will be published in the journal Revue de Géographie Alpine [Journal of Alpine Research]. The first will be a report on the discussions held and the second will analyze the challenges of inter- and transdisciplinary research that were considered as needed for transformation research.

CIRM Workshop Group Photo

The workshop participants onsite in Sion, Switzerland. Photo: Bastien Bornet

This text was adapted from an article by Mélanie Clivaz, published on the University of Lausanne website on 28 October 2021 (in French).

 Cover image Sion in Switzerland captured by Pixabay user 12019.