International Mountain Conference 2022: Open Call for Focus Sessions
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article written by MRI
15.09.21 | 01:09

The International Mountain Conference (IMC) 2022 aims to bring together mountain researchers from all over the world in order to engage in in-depth, cross-disciplinary discussions. The IMC 2022 Open Call for Focus Sessions is open 4 October – 19 November 2021.

Following on from the success of the International Mountain Conference 2019, IMC 2022 will take place in Innsbruck, Austria 11-15 September. It aims to provide a unique opportunity for experts in mountain research to come together and discuss a broad range of mountain-related topics. The conference promotes cross-disciplinary exchange, and prioritises synthesis activities in the quest for a holistic understanding of mountain systems.

Open Call for Focus Sessions

  • Oral sessions can be up to 180 min (depending on the number of participants)
  • Poster sessions can be up to 45 min
  • Session convenors will decide on the length of participants’ presentations and of joint discussions (within the session timeslot) once they have confirmed participants
  • If thematically fitting, focus sessions will be assigned to a Synthesis Workshop (in this case, one session convenor will be asked to present the session outcome in the respective synthesis workshop)

This call runs from 4 October – 19 November 2021.

Find out more on the IMC 2022 website.