Mountains – A Fragile Source of Life
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15.10.20 | 03:10

In the first of a series of videos produced as part of the Global Change in Mountain Ecosystems (GloMEc) project, Prof. Dirk S. Schmeller, Axa Chair for Functional Mountain Ecology at ENSAT, discusses the impact of human activities on mountains and the many and varied species living in them.

Mountains – A Fragile Source of Life is a new short video series that aims to delve into different aspects of mountains and why they are important for human society. It will look at threats such as climate change and pollution, as well as the functioning of mountain freshwater ecosystems and the importance of microbiomes, among other topics.

“Mountains are very fragile environments and are among the regions that are most sensitive to climate change and to the impacts of human activities. They need protection, urgently.” – Prof. Dirk S. Schmeller.

In this first video, Research to Protect Our Future, Prof. Schmeller, Axa Chair for Functional Mountain Ecology at the École Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse (ENSAT), outlines how humans rely on the many goods and services that are provided by mountain ecosystems through complex processes, and stresses the need for decision-makers and stakeholders to understand that even the most remote areas of our planet are threatened by human activity. 



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Video: Research to Protect Our Future.

About Global Change in Mountain Ecosystems (GloMEc)

GloMEc is a project funded by the AXA Research Fund that aims to contribute to our understanding of mountain freshwater ecosystems, the services they provide to human society, and the risks we face as a result of future changes of these sensitive ecosystems. GloMEc will investigate patterns of pollution, pathogens, microorganisms, and global changes in mountain ecosystems to understand the interlinkages between biodiversity change, ecosystem health, and human well-being.




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 Cover image: A mountain stream in the Engadin, Switzerland, captured by Jörg Vieli.