Presenting Phase II of Conéctate A+: A Research Network on Climate Change, Ecosystems and Health
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29.06.22 | 01:06

On 8 June 2022 the Conéctate A+ network held a webinar to present its second phase. The network presented four specific priorities, new activities, opportunities for involvement, new calls, and communication platforms. The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) was also introduced as a new associate member.

Four key priorities were presented as part of Conéctate A+’s second phase:

  1. Promote inter- and trans-disciplinary research collaboration among research institutions, including capacity building and training.
  2. Identify relevant research products and results that contribute to inform sustainable development and environmental governance.
  3. Disseminate relevant knowledge, including linking knowledge and action in key decision-making and policy processes.
  4. Contribute to the formulation and implementation of new strategies and projects that foster collaborations towards sustainable development.

As part of this second phase, the Conéctate A+ network plans to develop a webinar series, connect with decision makers, be involved in policy formation, generate information through regional syntheses, launch new calls for research grant funding, support for the formulation of collaborative research grants and academic exchanges, and more. The network hopes to create space for interaction that integrates and promotes an integrated and interdependent view of ecosystems, human activities, and their health.

In case you missed it, you can read the original summary of the session, watch the recording and/or review the slides.

Conéctate A+ is a network of researchers, professionals, and institutions from Latin America and Switzerland that seeks to promote interdisciplinary analysis of key interactions between ecosystems, climate change, and human health, within the framework of sustainable development in the Tropical Andes and Central America.

Cover image by Adrian Dascal