New Publications August 2022
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01.09.22 | 01:09

Welcome to our August 2022 round-up of new publications! This list contains articles relevant to mountain research that you won’t want to miss this month.

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Please note: The publications listed below may not necessarily have been published this month, but rather have come to our atteantion at this time. 

20 August – 26 August 2022

A mixed-methods approach to analyse recreational values and implications for management of protected areas: A case study of Cairngorms National Park, UK

Assessing the externalities of a ski resort in Tzoumerka: willingness to pay in order to promote or to prevent its construction

A’WOT analysis for sustainability of biodiversity and tourism in Shahdagh National Park, Azerbaijan

Can we learn from the past? Towards better analogies and historical inference in society-environmental change research

Challenges in Understanding the Variability of the Cryosphere in the Himalaya and Its Impact on Regional Water Resources

Climate change under CMIP5-RCP scenarios in Ethiopia: The Bale mountains ecoregion

Co-limitation towards lower latitudes shapes global forest diversity gradients

Community-Based Institutions Shape Cheese Co-Production in a French Alpine Valley Comparing recent changes in the Arctic and the Third Pole: linking science and policy

Democracy against the grain: indigenous politics in Colombia’s southwest Andes

Diversity, distribution and drivers of alien flora in the Indian Himalayan region

Ecosystem gross primary productivity after autumn snowfall and melt events in a mountain meadow

Effect of traditional livestock grazing on abundance of small mammals and activity of mountain vizcacha in the high central semi-arid Andes

FunAndes – A functional trait database of Andean plants

Glacial biodiversity of the southernmost glaciers of the European Alps (Clapier and Peirabroc, Italy)

[Report] Governing the ‘Water Tower of Asia’: The Case for a System of Integrated Knowledge for the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Grassland farmers’ relationship with biodiversity: a case study from the northern Italian Alps

Halving of Swiss glacier volume since 1931 observed from terrestrial image photogrammetry

How coupled is coupled human-natural systems research?

Impacts of climate change on mountain tourism: a review

Implementing local planetary health: Case study of Blue Mountains, Australia

In the shadow of the mountain: the crisis of precarious livelihoods in high altitude mountaineering tourism

Late Pleistocene montane forest fire return interval estimates from Mount Kenya

Making thirsty cities sustainable: A nexus approach for water provisioning in Quito, Ecuador

Mapping stakeholder networks for the co-production of multiple ecosystem services: A novel mixed-methods approach

Overall negative trends for snow cover extent and duration in global mountain regions over 1982–2020

Protected areas in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: A regional assessment of the status, distribution, and gaps

Reconsideration of the origins of the pastoral nomadic economy in the Eurasian Steppe

Rescue and homogenization of 140 years of glacier mass balance data in Switzerland

Responses of soil greenhouse gas emissions to land use conversion and reversion—A global meta-analysis

Snow Avalanche Frequency Estimation (SAFE): 32 years of monitoring remote avalanche depositional zones in high mountains of Afghanistan

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Visitation in the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal: Insights from Geolocated Social Media Images

[Book] Sustainable Mountain Development: Getting the Fcats Right (Second Edition)

The role of protected areas and land tenure regimes on forest loss in Bolivia: Accounting for spatial spillovers

Towards improved understanding of cascading and interconnected risks from concurrent weather extremes: Analysis of historical heat and drought extreme events

Uncertainty Analysis of Digital Elevation Models by Spatial Inference From Stable Terrain

Unpacking the complexity of nature´s contributions to human well-being: lessons to transform the Barranquilla Metropolitan Area into a BiodiverCity

1 August – 19 August 2022

Influence of hillslope flow on hydroclimatic evolution under climate change

Leave no mountain behind: disaster risk reduction for all

Mountain bike riding and hiking can contribute to the dispersal of weed seeds

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Valley Wind Systems in the Complex Mountain Topography of the Rolwaling Himal, Nepal

Evaluating the interaction between snowmelt runoff and road in the occurrence of hillslope instabilities affecting a landslide-prone mountain basin: A multi-modeling approach

An Integrative Approach to Study How Driving Factors Control Biomass Carbon Density for Natural Mountain Forests, in China’s Loess Plateau

Identifying priority areas for bat conservation in the Western Ghats mountain range, peninsular India

Moss cover and browsing scores as sustainability indicators of mountain ungulate populations in Mediterranean environments

Filling of dolines with aeolian sediments in the high-mountain karst of the Dinarides (Mt. Durmitor, Montenegro)

Over-grazing in the Dhofar Mountain Region: A Major Sustainability Challenge

Geothermal Geological Characteristics and Genetic Model of the Shunping Area along Eastern Taihang Mountain

Impact of Vertical Atmospheric Structure on an Atypical Fire in a Mountain Valley

Measuring the Tree Height of Picea crassifolia in Alpine Mountain Forests in Northwest China Based on UAV-LiDAR

Translocation of southern mountain caribou using a soft-release technique

Comparison of calibration characteristics of different acoustic impact systems for measuring bedload transport in mountain streams

Soil hydro-physical properties affected by biomass-derived biochar and organic manure: a low-cost technology for managing acidic mountain sandy soils of north eastern region of India

Private standards for animal welfare in Austrian dairy husbandry: Consequences for farmers in mountain regions

Ecophysiological Studies on the Oxidative Stress Responses of Phlomis aurea, Ballota undulata and Nepeta septemcrenata Endemic Plants in Saint Katherine Mountain, Egypt

Reconstructing GRACE-like time series of high mountain glacier mass anomalies

Soil nutrients and nutrient ratios influence the ratios of soil microbial biomass and metabolic nutrient limitations in mountain peatlands

Family legacy: contrasting diversity–elevation relationships on a coastal Atlantic Forest mountain system

Database and primer selections affect nematode community composition under different vegetations of Changbai Mountain

A shear-wave velocity model for the Scandinavian lithosphere from Rayleigh waves and ambient noise – Implications for the origin of the topography of the Scandes mountain range

Carbon Stock Availability in Forests of the Zabarwan Mountain Range in Kashmir Himalaya

Distribution characteristics of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) winter populations in typical Mountain agricultural area of Southwest China

Coupling mountain and lowland watershed models to characterize nutrient loading: an eight-year investigation in Lake Chaohu Basin

Land use and land cover change in a tropical mountain landscape of northern Ecuador: Altitudinal patterns and driving forces

Multi-point field measurement study of wind characteristics in mountain terrain: Focusing on periodic thermally-developed winds

[Book chapter] The Evolution of the Mountain Cause

Soil Quality Assessment in Tourism-Disturbed Subtropical Mountain Meadow Areas of Wugong Mountain, Central Southeast China

Multi-annual comparisons of summer and under-ice phytoplankton communities of a mountain lake

Sustainability constructs of mountain tourism development: the evaluation of stakeholders’ perception using SUS-TAS

Distribution and Structure Analysis of Mountain Permafrost Landscape in Orulgan Ridge (Northeast Siberia) Using Google Earth Engine

Acidic polysaccharides of Mountain Cultivated Ginseng: The potential source of anti-fatigue nutrients

Summer ecosystem structure in mountain lakes linked to interannual variability of lake ice, snowpack, and landscape attributes

On ten high-mountain lakes of Corsica island (France)–a delayed report of an investigation in summer 1970

Research on GIS-Based Route Selection Model of Tour Trails in Sanqing Mountain National Park

Offset of MODIS land surface temperatures from in situ air temperatures in the upper Kaskawulsh Glacier region (St. Elias Mountains) indicates near-surface temperature inversions